No more Annual Returns!

Annual Returns have been replaced by the Confirmation Statement for companies which have a “made up to date” after 30th June 2016.  At least one Confirmation Statement needs to be filed every 12 months but additional statements can be filled voluntarily during each financial year with only the first statement carrying a fee.  Previously companies had 28 days to file Annual Returns but now Confirmation Statements (which are made up of two parts) have to be filed within 14 days of the confirmation date.

A Confirmation Statement is a simple declaration which confirms the information filed at Companies House (Registered Office,  SAIL address and company records and directors/secretary) is accurate. These statements cannot be used to change information, only to confirm its accuracy.

For companies whose made up to date is on or before 29th June 2016, a new style Annual Return (AR012015V9) including statement of capital must be used.

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