Emerging Talent – How well are you protected?

Emerging Talent – How well are you protected?

Between the 9th June – 12th June 2017, London Fashion Week Men’s celebrated its 5th year anniversary by displaying some amazing collections but more importantly its collaboration with NEWGEN.

NEWGEN is a British Fashion Council initiative which supports the very best emerging talent. Its aim is to cultivate high end fashion brands of the future born out of raw British talent.

We were fortunate to be invited to see some amazing pieces of design and fashion artistry from some of the new and exciting designers. What was evident was that all the emerging brands featured gained immense exposure with buyers from all over the world visiting and viewing the wonderful fresh designs of the young creative talents on display.

There were also investors looking to invest; independent designers looking for inspiration; fashion students; journalists; and photographers. All of them had access to designs that had not been showcased previously.

For a designer or artist it is wonderful to see one’s brand showcased on a prominent platform such as London Fashion Week or at any other forum which can lead to ones work being supported and potentially propelled to new heights. However, it is essential that the interests of designers and their work are protected.

So, is your intellectual property in order and have you protected it from potential infringement?

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property protection helps you to prevent people stealing or copying:

  • the name of your brand
  • your invention
  • the design or “look” of your products
  • your literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works

What counts as intellectual property?

There is no copyright in an idea. Copyright only arises when you reproduce a literary, dramatic, artistic or musical work in a material form. At that point, copyright protection automatically arises. There are no copyright registration formalities.

However, there are other types of IP protection for which you have to apply such as registered design and trade mark protection.

Our IP team aims to help each client achieve the maximum benefit from his or her unique talents. We can plan a course of action to ensure that as your business grows so does your long-term IP security and this can be achieved through comprehensive copyright and design protection advice as well as trademarks and general commercial advice.

If you are an emerging creative talent and wish to know more about how to protect your work please do speak to our intellectual property team. We will be pleased to hear from you.


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