DWFM Beckman launches specialist Iran Desk

The 17th of January 2016 marked Iran’s compliance with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action otherwise known as the JCPOA, the agreement between ‘5 plus 1’ and Iran, ensuring that Iran’s nuclear program is rolled back in return for the nuclear sanctions being lifted.  This is known as the Implementation Day.  As a result, a significant previously untapped market has been opened up to the world for business and already there have been some very important deals with the EU and with international companies.

The DWFM Beckman Iran Desk is headed by Sharokh Koussari. He is a Farsi speaker and has been at the forefront of advice relating to the JCPOA and can offer clients specialist advice and support in relation to business ventures in or with Iran.  He also has a specialist network of Iranian lawyers with whom he works to provide specialist reports or advice on aspects of Iranian law applicable to our clients’ business ventures.

Examples of areas covered by the Iran team:

  •  EU sanctions
  •  The structuring of commercial agreements taking into account EU sanctions
  • Providing due diligence reports  on potential trading partners
  • Providing advice on various commercial aspects of Iranian law.

The desk will provide regular news and updates relevant to trade with Iran.  For  any enquiries please email [email protected] or  call  0207 408 88 67.